About Us

About Us

The Kinetic Learning Centre is a respected professional development portal educating the next wave of podiatrist clinicians and students with the most cutting-edge modern orthotic therapy course, textbook and evaluation tools available in Australia today.

At the Kinetic Learning Centre we know through decades of manufacturing, design, research and podiatry practice experience that traditional orthotic design is counterintuitive and does not serve the best interest of patients.

Extensive clinical research has shown recording the foot contour alone is simply not a sufficient measurement to design an effective orthotic device. Clinicians must factor in the balance of forces required for each patient to move effectively in order to improve their condition.

We created the Kinetic Learning Centre to address these shortcomings through sharing interactive education tools which combine decades of experience and research to teach clinicians the theory and practice needed to create the most effective custom-made orthotics on the market today. Our online course and textbook are shaping the podiatry industry worldwide as more clinicians show they are keen to break with traditional approaches and embrace more research-based techniques.

Our resources will teach you the best testing methods to create a Kinetic Orthotic ™, which takes into account a patient’s style of moving as well any identified foot pain and irregularities. You will learn how these tests are supported by our exclusive clinical computer integrated manufacturing technology. Each resource you will find on these pages was created to prove there is a better way to prescribe custom-made orthotics which will keep your patients moving freely for longer and improve their quality of life.

About Dan Everson

Dan Everson is a respected podiatrist, entrepreneur, author and founder of kinetic theory, a revolutionary approach to orthotic design. He is also the founder of Dan Everson Podiatry, the largest group of podiatry practices across the Sunshine Coast.

After becoming a qualified podiatrist, Dan opened his first practice at 20 in Maroochydore. He quickly turned this small operation into a respected brand, building a network of six thriving practices across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Concerned by the shortcomings of traditional design and manufacturing of custom-made orthotics, Dan turned his attention to developing Australia’s first computer-designed and manufactured orthotics after consulting with leading experts around the world and years of extensive clinical research.

Dan’s design system was recently granted a patent in acknowledgement of its ability to assist practitioners prescribe an orthotic which will optimise the way force is transferred as the client walks.

Hundreds of clinicians across Australia today work with Dan who provides them with custom-made orthotics through his laboratory Kinetic Orthotics®, which has been in operation since 1992.

Dan’s work is known for bringing a more evidence-based approach to orthotic design, and he has shared his findings with podiatry students and practitioners at lecturers and workshops across Australia. Dan has contributed his knowledge and findings to help develop several undergraduate education programs in Australia.

He is committed to keeping the podiatry industry at the cutting edge of modern orthotic therapy as the industry evolves through making new resources and news available through the Kinetic Learning Centre.

The Kinetic Learning Centre consists of:

  • The Kinetic Orthotics® Method: online course – The Kinetic Learning Centre has partnered with the Queensland University of Technology to develop an evidence-based online educational program and professional development tool for final year podiatry students and practicing clinicians. Learn More
  • The Kinetic Orthotics® Method Book – The Kinetic Orthotics® Method Book by Dan Everson is the new modern podiatry textbook in demand by clinicians and researchers across the world. Learn More
  • The Foot Health Status Questionnaire – The Kinetic Learning Centre is home of the widely acclaimed Foot Health Status Questionnaire, a free self-administered tool used by clinicians and researchers. It has been proven by a myriad of scientific papers to reliably measure changes in a patient’s foot pain and disability over time which can be used to assess the effectiveness of various treatments. Learn More

The Kinetic Learning Centre is an arm of Kinetic Orthotics®, the first Australian business to develop computer integrated manufacturing technology to design and manufacture prescription foot orthotics. It is also the only orthotics provider to be selected as a corporate partner by Australia’s peak nationally body for sports science Sports Medicine Australia.

The Kinetic Learning Centre was created by respected podiatrist, author and entrepreneur Dan Everson.

Kinetic Orthotics® is the only orthotic laboratory in Australia authorized to manufacture orthotics using the Kinetic Method and utilising Dan Everson’s patented design system, learn more at orthotics.com.au