The Kinetic Orthotics Method

The Kinetic Orthotics® Method Online Course

This user-friendly online course was designed to demonstrate a more effective way of prescribing orthotics through sharing an approach based on the results of decades of clinical testing and observations. It also takes into account research into biomechanics and leverages unique computer integrated manufacturing technology.

This course walks participants through the following steps:

  1. The theory behind the approach and tests
    Participants are provided with a robust understanding of kinetic theory, which is the key element differentiating the Kinetic Orthotics® approach from traditional orthotic design. It also provides detailed theory to support its testing methodology;
  2. Selecting the right orthotic design
    Participants learn how to select the most appropriate design for each patient through completing easy to follow tests;
  3. Prescribing the orthotic correctly
    Participants learn how to complete the prescription process effectively and select the appropriate orthotics design and material type;
  4. Assessing your effectiveness
    Course participants will learn the most robust way to assess the effectiveness of orthotic treatment through completing the Foot Health Status Questionnaire (for more information click here);
  5. Post-production modifications and fitting
    Participants will learn how to fit the orthotic device to the patient once it is produced to ensure it fits correctly and to provide any modifications necessary to improve shoe fit;
  6. Testing and case studies
    Participants will have the chance to apply the theory they’ve learnt, navigating through a number of virtual tests and case studies.
  7. Real life case study
    Applying knowledge learnt in the course, participants will be able to prescribe a pair of Kinetic Orthotics® for a patient. The orthotic devices made according to your prescription will be provided free of charge for clinical assessment.

Each person who registers for the course will receive a copy of the Kinetic Orthotics® Method book by Dan Everson as a reference guide and complement to the course. Course participants will also receive a free entry to a half day Kinetic workshop to be held annually.


Why learn online?

We believe the best online courses offer students the ability to learn at their own pace and provide them access to current research and training at a more affordable cost.

Research has supported the strong learning outcomes of online learning, with a 2010 Technical Report from the U.S. Department of Education finding students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction. In addition, a report by the New American Foundation in 2013 endorsed the need for online courses and programs that are effective and affordable.