Foot Health Status Questionnaire

The Foot Health Status Questionnaire

The Kinetic Learning Centre is also the home of the widely acclaimed Foot Health Status Questionnaire, a free self-administered tool used by clinicians and researchers. It has been proven by a myriad of scientific papers to reliably and independently measure changes in a patient’s foot pain and disability before and after orthotic treatment from the patient’s perspective.

The Foot Health Status Questionnaire was developed more than 10 years ago and has been used by thousands of clinicians, researchers and academics in 28 countries and has been translated into multiple languages. The questionnaire was developed in consultation with an expert panel of podiatric physicians, measurement experts and podiatry patients to help develop its content and technical components.

The Kinetic Learning Centre gives researchers and clinicians the ability to enter patient data directly in less than five minutes per case. After the data entry process is complete, users are provided instantly with a range of scores measuring their foot pain, foot function, foot wear and general foot health they can use to measure their performance over time. The questionnaire has been commended by numerous scientific papers for its high degree of usefulness to podiatry clinicians interested in evaluating their performance, and for its simplicity of use for clients who can input their data quickly and easily. In fact, a study by Landorf and Keenan recommended the Foot Health Status Questionnaire as the preferred choice when assessing the effectiveness of foot orthotics.

Also commended for its ability to take into account the way a patient’s foot health is impacting on their quality of life through assessing general health, physical activity levels, social capacity and vigour, the Foot Health Status Questionnaire is known across the world as the most thorough tool to measure the progress of individuals undergoing treatment in a podiatry practice for common foot conditions.

The Kinetic Learning Centre gathers all data on an anonymous basis and uses the findings of the questionnaire to continually refine its tools and resources to better serve the podiatry industry.

The Foot Health Status Questionnaire was developed by Dr Paul Bennett, a senior Faculty of Health lecturer from the Queensland University of Technology.

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Foot Health Status Questionnaire