The Kinetic Orthotics Method

The Kinetic Orthotics® Method Book

The Kinetic Orthotics® Method Book is the new modern podiatry textbook educating clinicians and researchers around the world through sharing a revolutionary approach to orthotics design.

Dan’s kinetic orthotic approach is based on the results of extensive clinical research which emphasise the importance of factoring in the balance of forces required for efficient movement and a patient’s style of moving to improve a patient’s condition, as opposed to merely recording the foot contour.

It also takes into account research into biomechanics and leverages the potential of Dan’s own modern computer integrated manufacturing technology.

Readers will be able to leverage the theory and information on the robust testing, prescription process and post-production care methods shared on these pages to create the most effective custom-made orthotics for their clients – helping them move more freely and comfortably for longer.

This user-friendly, interactive textbook walks readers through the theory and practice behind Dan’s patent-protected orthotics design process.

The textbook includes the following steps:

  1. The theory behind the approach and tests
    Readers will gain a robust understanding of kinetic theory, which is the key element differentiating the Kinetic Orthotics® approach from traditional orthotic design. It also provides detailed theory to support its testing methodology;
  2. Selecting the right orthotic design
    Readers can learn how to select the most appropriate design for each client through completing an easy to follow test;
  3. Prescribing the orthotic correctly
    Readers will learn how to complete the prescription process effectively and select the appropriate orthotics design and material type;
  4. Assessing your effectiveness
    The book explains how to most effectively assess the effectiveness of orthotic treatment through completing the Foot Health Status Questionnaire (for more information click here);
  5. Post-production modifications and fitting
    The book explains how to fit the orthotic device to the patient once it is produced to ensure it fits correctly and to provide any modifications necessary to improve shoe fit;

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The Kinetic Orthotics Method Book
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